With the Joomla! component JCasino you are able to offer your visitors Free Casino Games such as Black Jack, Baccarat, Craps or Roulette.

JCasino offers you 50+ casino games of which you can choose to display on your website. By offering free casino games directly into your own website your visitors will not only stay longer on your website, it will also lead to more returning visitors which is good for your websites quality score and authority according to Google's algorithm.

Installation of the component is extremely easy. Just upload the package file in your administrator backend and you are ready to go! After installation of the component you will find a new menu item type called JCasino. Select this menu item type and you can make different menu items for each casino game.

JCasino is available for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0!

You will need to register first before you can download the component.

Boost your affiliate revenue with JCasino!
In the component parameters you can fill in your own affiliate ID. Each time a visitor decides to play the casino games for real money, you will benefit from a 15-40% profit share. The number of new players per month will dictate your profit share.

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JCasino is free software released under the GNU/GPL License v3. JCasino is independent of the Joomla! Project, joomla.org and Open Source Matters. Copyright 2014 Dutchpowerhouse.com